Membership Scheme

Why not take out one of our membership packages

At Railway Dental, we appreciate that the loss of several dental benefits from both the PRSI and medical card schemes has left several people struggling to attend the dentist regularly. To help spread the cost of treatment over the year we offer 2 membership schemes:

Individual Membership:

This costs €12 per month and entitles the patient to two examinations and scale & polishes per year. By regular examinations and cleanings, it means that problems are sorted out at an early stage rather than being left until bigger problems occur. Soft tissue monitoring and oral cancer screening are also done at these examination visits. Regular scale & polishes are one of the most effective ways to keep gum disease at bay which affects over 70% of adults.

Family Membership:

This costs €25 per month and covers both parents for 2 check-ups and cleanings per year and also covers any children under 18 for the same. It is beneficial to get the children into good attendance patterns from an early age as it means that any advice regarding diet and hygiene can be given which can eliminate the need for future treatment. Again it means that any problems with general tooth development and tooth decay can be detected early and treated accordingly.